By Finn Moore (Graphics & Media Developer) 
Welcome to Pivotal's storage unit, located not too far from our headquarters, our unit has always been a place to keep hold of supplies awaiting their journey to your site. 
Through meticulous tidying and thoughtful refurbishments, we've created a space that prioritizes optimal organization and efficiency.  
From decluttering to enhancing functionality and aesthetics, our revamped storage units offer an easier and less time-consuming process when delivering our materials. 
With the handywork of Phil Menzies (Site Installation Supervisor), the unit now looks way tidier and finding supplies has never been so easy. 
Building and sorting through everything in the unit, Phil has used a lot of elbow grease over the last few weeks to make the unit another space that Pivotal can be proud of. 
Thank-you to Phil for his top effort and making the unit as accessible as possible! 
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