By Finn Moore (Graphics & Media Developer) 
As the world ages, companies across the planet are changing the way they do things in order to help a more sustainable future. 
Amongst these things include fewer plastic bags, heavy emphasis on recycling and using renewable resources compared to non-renewable. 
But within a very energy consuming sector, what can utility companies do in order to reduce their carbon footprint and save some much needed cash especially during a cost of living crisis. 
Some members of our Pivotal team have recently attended an environmental sustainability seminar hosted by our local Hinckley & Bosworth borough council. 
Joined by various companies across the district we listened to what companies across multiple industries were doing and how we can make small changes to become greener. 
One major talking point of this seminar was a mobile app called Zellar which works like a credit score but is based off subtle changes a business can make towards a greener future. 
This app shows multiple ways to help improve your business in line with the environment and then grades you based on where your company needs to improve. 
They used changing to LED lighting systems as an example which is a great way to benefit company costs alongside emitting more power whilst consuming less energy. 
When Pivotal moved to Florence House in summer of 2022, this was a change we immediately made allowing us to save money alongside producing less overall electricity. 
Another small change is changing to recycled paper only for printing in office. 
This is something that Pivotal are transitioning into at the moment and something that within the upcoming months we will be adopting on a permanent basis. 
A key topic on the mind’s edge for everyone in utilities is the gradual transition of electric vehicles. 
With the government announcing that the manufacturing of non-electric vehicle having to stop in 2030, the desire and demand for electric charging points is increasing on the daily. 
This increased demand for EVC is putting extended pressure on the current infrastructure, however is an excellent market for growing utility companies to explore and expand into as the world adapts to this massive change. 
Alongside this massive change, most companies will have to change their vehicles from running on diesel/petrol/LPG and convert to a hybrid or electric fuel which is a cost efficient shift for many. 
“Fleet electrification is pivotal in the global drive to net zero” (Green Finance Institute & BEAMA, 2022) 
More than a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gases come from vehicles and transportation which is why it is a major target for improving the environment. 
This change to electric-only transportation, albeit not everyone’s cup of tea, will be a monumental change for the human race worldwide as gases entering the atmosphere will be reduced significantly and provide a better future. 
With accessibility to vehicle charging at home or even on the supermarket run, the increase of EVC’s availability will only help charge the adjustment for a better sustainability amongst the public. 
For an in-depth analysis of electric vehicle charging please see the Green Finance Institute and BEAMA’s report (link at the end). 
However this is a fairly difficult difference to make to a company without a lot of long term planning so here is a list of small things that can be changed to start lowering a business’s footprint: 
Recycled paper 
LED Lighting 
Waste disposals and recycling bins 
Online meetings 
Leave no power on overnight 
Re-use plastic products 
Volunteering in the community i.e., litter picking 
Within the coming months, Pivotal are going to form a green team which will have volunteers meet once a month to develop how we approach sustainability both within the office and operationally. 
Including and involving our staff to make decisions that will ultimately have an impact on the company and environment, is a great way to increase drive and value as a team member and we think this is an excellent idea overall. 
Are you and your colleagues prepared to change your lifestyles in order to help the future of your company or is it something that has just started to cross your mind? 
What things are you already doing to help your company’s sustainability? 
Check what we can offer on Renewables by clicking the link below: 
Leave a comment below and we might feature you on our website. 
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