By Finn Moore (Graphics & Media Developer) 
To mark the arrival of 2023’s Apprenticeship week, we thought it would be a great idea to give you some insight into our very own apprentice – Megan, as she nears the end of her time training and will start propelling herself into a career at Pivotal. 
Currently the youngest member of the Pivotal team, Megan doesn’t let her age get in the way when it comes to challenging herself and completing tasks she is given. 
Having started her apprenticeship at the beginning of 2022, Megan has now settled well into Pivotal and is a highly valued member of the team.  
As part of our Inside the Box incentive scheme, Megan recently got the opportunity to try her luck after a productive month and even managed to win the jackpot (read more here). 
Megan’s job title is ‘Client Engagement Advisor’, and her role involves looking after new projects, gathering all required information, collating existing utility maps, supporting her colleagues alongside general development administration. 
It won't be long until Megan will have completed her apprenticeship and be able to take a job on a full-time basis for Pivotal which is something that she is “excited” about as she is very keen to get stuck in. 
Working in an apprenticeship allows people the opportunity to witness what working in a business environment is like first-hand and adds valuable life skills. 
Megan said: “…my apprenticeship has helped me understand life inside the office better and let me build close relationships and teamwork with colleagues…” 
An apprenticeship also helps people have a better idea of the journey they want to take within work life, opening new doors and perhaps closing some too. 
“I always used to think that office work would be quite boring, but my perception has completely changed. I genuinely believe that I will stay in this industry as I find it really interesting, and I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity.” 
Megan recommends looking into an apprenticeship scheme as an alternative to taking a college course or doing a-levels as it allows you to earn… and learn! 
“The biggest perk of taking an apprenticeship is being able to learn on the job, you can see first-hand where certain skills are applied and being able to put it into practice rather than reading them from a textbook.” 
Alongside this she also mentioned: “It is also great that I can earn money whilst being able to learn rather than having to find a job outside of college to balance with education.” 
Outside of work, Megan loves reading a good book and her ideal evening is getting home to a long read or watching a tv series. 
Megan actually used most her winnings from the ‘Inside the Box’ incentive on books. 
We have no doubt that Megan will continue to grow with Pivotal as she has been a fantastic apprentice. 
An interesting fact... 
In 2021-2022, the amount of people starting apprenticeships was down 6.1% on the year before but achievements made from these were up by 16.7% (click here for the full report
As it comes closer to the time of year that teenagers across the country will be assessing their options for post-GCSE education, Pivotal are currently advertising a new apprenticeship position. 
We are really looking forward to helping support and develop someone’s future career. 
Does your company’s apprentice offer key skills to your office? 
Leave a comment below and we might feature you on our website. 
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