By Finn Moore (Graphics and Media Developer) 
Meet Warren, a dedicated and experienced site installation manager at Pivotal Energy.  
Join him on a typical workday as he oversees the installation of essential projects at various construction sites.  
From the early morning preparations to the long drives between sites, Warren's role is filled with challenges and responsibilities.  
Yesterday I got the opportunity to spend a day with ‘Wazza’ as we completed some site visits, and I got some valuable experience seeing what he does on a daily basis. 
6:30 AM – Arriving at the Office: 
Warren arrives at Florence House with his personal protective equipment (PPE) and quickly checks his emails.  
He locates the address of the sites we will be visiting and prepares the van with the necessary equipment. 
6:45 AM – Leaving for the Site: 
After loading the van with paperwork and equipment, Warren grabs his water bottle and we set out for a two-and-a-half-hour drive to a site near Ipswich. 
7:45 AM – Food Stop: 
One hour into the journey, we take a quick break to refuel the van and our minds.  
Anticipating an arrival time of 9:15 AM for a 10 AM meeting, we make a swift stop at a service station for some pastries and coffees from Greggs.  
After a short break, we resume our journey to the county of Suffolk. 
10:00 AM – Meeting with Water Company and Site Manager on Site: 
Upon arriving at the site, Warren and I don our bright yellow Pivotal jackets, hard hats, and boots and then we meet with representatives from a local water company, the site managers and a groundwork manager.  
Together, they discuss the best route for a water design to be recompleted.  
After a focused meeting, they decide that the water company will conduct a full redesign within the next two weeks, meeting site standards without complicating Pivotal's work. 
10:20 AM – Signing into Site and Discussing Electric Design Route with Site Manager: 
We sign in on-site to record their presence during specific hours.  
He discusses the current route of electric power with the site manager and groundworks manager.  
With it proposed that the design be changed to not run through a local public car park, it was decided for the hassle and money required to redesign this so close to work starting would be not worth it which was agreed by all parties amicably. 
10:40 AM – Site walkaround and photography: 
Once all meetings were over and hands were shook, Warren takes me on a walk around the site and lets me take some photos whilst also showing me something I might find useful in the future.  
I take plenty of photos of Warren ready for this post or any future use in Pivotal’s media and marketing. 
11:00 AM – Back in the van and time to drive for lunch: 
After finishing up on the first site, we hop back into the van, take off our PPE when it is safe to do so and we drive to the nearby town of Felixstowe, right on the coast for a lovely lunchtime view. 
11:15 AM – Enjoying Chips by the Sea: 
Warren and I opt for a classic Great British experience by visiting a seaside chip shop for lunch.  
We park the van, take photos, and order battered sausages and chips to enjoy on the pier. 
11:30 AM – The journey to next site: 
After our bellies were full, we embarked on a trip to our last site of the day, albeit one a lot closer to home and based in Leicestershire so we had another long drive ahead of us.  
Jumping back into Pivotal’s Peugeot Partner, we got as comfy as possible, and Warren started the engine to pursue our goals at the next site. 
14:45 PM – Arriving at site number two: 
Back in Leicestershire following another two and a half hour drive, it is time for us to equip ourselves in PPE again and work our way down Warren’s checklist for this site’s materials. 
3:00 PM – Checking site materials and trenches around the site: 
Having a walk around the site, Warren goes through his materials list to see if everything our contractors require to install water is here and if it isn’t, how Pivotal goes about sorting this out in time for the services to be made.  
With all materials in place, we continued to walk around the site and check trenches were dug correctly and that kiosk positions are ready.  
After an intricate inspection the site is all ready to be serviced by one of our great subcontractors when they arrive on site. 
3:30 PM – Driving Back to Pivotal Headquarters and Clocking Out: 
After a long day at two different sites, we head back to Florence House, where Warren shares the new information with our colleagues.  
We then clock out, ready for some much-needed rest before returning to work the following day. 
For Warren, this is a typical workday, involving extensive travel to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth-running utility connections.  
Pivotal remains committed to providing a friendly and hassle-free service, always available to assist with utilities complications or questions.  
For site visits or any queries, customers can reach out via phone or email: 
Tel: 01455 244556 
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